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Absence Policy

The following are the two types of absences recognized by the Grossmont Union High School District:
  1. Excused Absence: Work may be made up for full credit, and faculty assistance will be available where needed. EXAMPLES: Personal illness, illness or death in the immediate family, medical and dental appointments, funerals, a call to court, or others as designated by the Principal.
  2. Unexcused Absence: The school district and staff are released of all responsibility to the student.
    EXAMPLES: Truant to school, leaving school without first receiving permission from the Attendance Office or the Nurse, car problems or oversleeping.
When the extended absence is due to a medical emergency (request must be accompanied by a physician’s note) or extended absences of five (5) school days or more should occur, student and parent must make an appointment with his/her counselor.

Absence Procedures

Students MUST clear absences within 3 days when absent from class for:
  • One or more class periods OR one or more days.
You may clear your absence by:
  • Having your parent/guardian phone the attendance office on EACH DAY OF YOUR ABSENCE, or leave a voice mail message at (619) 660-3031.
  • Bring a J-31 card or a note from your parent or guardian to the Attendance Office before you attend school upon your return. Absences must be cleared within 72 hours, 3 days, or they will not be cleared. Note must have student name, date (s) of absence, reason and parent signature.
  • If you need to leave school during the school day, YOU MUST CHECK OUT THROUGH THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE PRIOR TO LEAVING. Please have your student bring a note to the Attendance Office before their school day for an off campus pass. Failure to check out through the Attendance Office or the school site Nurse will result in an automatic truancy. The truancy will not be changed regardless of the reason for the departure from school. See section “D” in the Student Handbook for detailed instruction.
Make-up Work
Students with excused absences are allowed to make-up work missed. It is the responsibility of the student to request and the teacher to assign make-up work (example-absent for 2 days, 2 days allowed to make up work). In consultation with the student, the teacher should provide sufficient time for make-up work.