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Absence Policy

The following are the two types of absences recognized by the Grossmont Union High School District:
  1. Excused Absence: Work may be made up for full credit, and faculty assistance will be available where needed. EXAMPLES: Personal illness, illness or death in the immediate family, medical and dental appointments, funerals, a call to court, or others as designated by the Principal.
  2. Unexcused Absence: The school district and staff are released of all responsibility to the student.
    EXAMPLES: Truant to school, leaving school without first receiving permission from the Attendance Office or the Nurse, car problems or oversleeping.
When the extended absence is due to a medical emergency (request must be accompanied by a physician’s note) or extended absences of five (5) school days or more should occur, student and parent must make an appointment with his/her counselor.

Absence Procedures

Students MUST clear absences within 3 days when absent from class. 
Only the parent or guardian of record may contact the Attendance Office to excuse absences. 
You may clear your absence by:
  • Having your parent/guardian phone the attendance office on EACH DAY OF YOUR ABSENCE, or leave a voice mail message at (619) 660-3031.
  • Send a note to the Attendance Office the following day.
  • Absences not excused within three (3) days are truant per state law.
Early Release
If your student needs to leave school before their regularly scheduled time:
  • Send a signed and dated note with your student to the Attendance Office BEFORE school. Include the specific reason they need to leave.
  • Call at least one (1) hour in advance. Note that student lunch is 12:15 - 12:45 pm - we are unable to quickly contact students during lunch. Please call early!
  • If a student leaves campus without a pass, they will be marked truant.
Late to School
Excused lates are: 
  • Doctor, dental, or court appointments. A note is required from that facility. 
  • Illness; a note from the parent or guardian is required. 
Unexcused lates are: 
  • Car problems, oversleeping, DMV appointments, babysitting, traffic, etc. 
  • Student reports directly to class for unexcused lates. 
Make-up Work
Students with excused absences are allowed to make up work missed. It is the responsibility of the student to request and the teacher to assign make-up work (example-absent for 2 days, 2 days allowed to make-up work). In consultation with the student, the teacher should provide sufficient time for make-up work.