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dragon boat

Welcome to Mr. Estrella’s project based 3D Design art studio class!


In 3D Design we support compassion, equity, and respect. In my class students feel safe, positive, and are enthusiastic about using their imagination to be creative in expressing their artistic ability. All students will focus on actively participate in reaching their full potential in order to achieve their educational goals.

3D Design provides students with an in-depth study in hand building sculpture and on the pottery wheel. Students will use a variety of media such as papier-mâché, clay, and virtual technology. We will create our own functional and decorative art projects using traditional methods and contemporary techniques.

In addition, art projects are broken down into fundamental steps to guide students and bring projects to a successful completion. Students will discover new ways to express their own ideas while using their imagination to go beyond the guidelines. Furthermore, the art projects are planned in sequence to build students knowledge of a variety of processes from one art project to the next.


Ultimately, students will learn the Elements of Art and Principles of Design vocabulary to develop their ability to observe, analyze, and respond to works of art. They will apply what they learn in the visual arts across subject areas and become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and improve their career skills.

dia de los murales art