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P109 9th Grade Physical Education 
This 9th grade course covers a variety of physical activity including individual and tam sports and fitness. First Aid graduation requirement is included in this course.

P400 Individual/Dual Sports 
A course destined to give students an introduction to the skills and knowledge required in order for participation in one or more individual or dual sports. Open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. 

P330 Beginning Dance 
This class will involve having students create movement using the basic elements of movement in time and space. Students will explore and experience various dance styles, techniques, rhythm patterns, and related dance skills i.e. costuming, programming and musicology. The course will also emphasize good body mechanics and alignment techniques to develop muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness. This course can also be taken to meet the performing arts requirement for graduation under L334.

P334 Advanced Dance 
This class includes advanced movement, technique and choreography with emphasis on performance. Acceptance in this class is dependent upon tryouts. This course can also be taken to meet the performing arts requirement. 

P460 Physical Fitness 
This course is designed to improve the students' cardiovascular system, muscle tone and strength. Open to 10th, 11th,
and 12th grades.