Fashion and Interior Design: Cosmetology Pathway

11th Grade - Cosmetology 1, 2 
12th Grade - Cosmetology 3, 4

Game Design

Game Development and Design Pathway 
Year 1: Game Design & Development
Year 2: Computer Programming
Year 3: Advanced Computer Design
Instagram: @monarchdigitalart

Metal Fabrication

Manufacturing and Product Development Pathway

Year 1: Metal Technology and Fabrication 1, 2
Year 2: Metal Technology and Fabrication 3, 4


Year 1: Auto Technology 1, 2
Year 2: Auto Suspension, Steering & Brakes 1, 2
Year 3: Auto Engine, Emission Control 1, 2
Year 4: Auto Electrical 1, 2
Instagram: @mvhs_auto


Pathways improve high schools by providing an exciting learning environment that motivates students. Pathways include academic and technical courses centered on broad industry themes that help students:
  • Prepare for both college and career 
  • Learn through connecting academics to real world applications
  • Have more options after high school 
Why enroll in a pathway? 
  • Prepare for college and career - not just one
  • Benefit from unique opportunities
  • Earn certifications and/or college credit
  • Develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Participate in industry tours, job shadows, internships, mentoring, and school enterprises