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Joel Tropp, Principal

19 years in education
Fresno State University, B.S.
National University, M.S.
Phone: (619) 660-3011
"Change is an opportunity to do something amazing." George Couros

Joe Cota, Assistant Principal

23 years in education
Sonoma State University, B.A. 
National University, M.Ed.
Phone: (619) 660 - 3022
I believe that if you treat people well, they treat you well back.  By making solid connections and developing relationships with students and staff, it further develops an overall positive school climate.  I want every student to be successful and be well prepared for their future.  By educating our students to be competitive, increased opportunities await them post high school.  It is good to be a Monarch!

Jose "Joe" Garcia, Assistant Principal

21 years in education
CSU San Bernadino, B.A
San Diego State University, M.Ed
Phone: (619) 660-3165                                             
I believe every student has the ability to achieve greatness if they have the motivation and focus. My job is to steer them on the right path, guide them along the way and celebrate their successes. 

Jenny Mays, Assistant Principal

22 years in Education
Washington State University, B.S.
National University, M.S.
Phone: (619) 660-3021
As an educator, I believe it's my duty to support all students in both their academic successes as well as their social emotional well being. I believe that all students can learn and I foster student learning by adapting my approach to teaching in order for all students to live up to their highest potential. I believe it's important to teach empathy, compassion and kindness to our students by role modeling that in my own actions. I'm excited to be a part of The Monarch Family!

Kristine Miller, Facilities Manager

Phone: (619) 660-3051