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Welcome Parents!Go to Top

At Monte Vista, we strive to keep parents involved in their students' education and school experience. We know that when parents get involved, students succeed. Thus, we have provided means for you to access grades and course descriptions, and to keep you connected to our teachers and guidance staff. Please use the drop-down menu under the "Parents" tab to navigate the site. Also, feel free to contact the front office if you have any questions. 

Free and Reduced Lunch Application!Go to Top

Use the link on the right to apply for your Free and Reduced Lunch every year!
Benefits Include:
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Fee waivers on college applications and tests
  • Priority for after-school tutoring services
  • Free school bus tokens
Apply by September 20th to guarantee your services are not interrupted!
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Frequently Asked QuestionsGo to Top

What is the Dress Code?
 Monte Vista has a strict dress code that is expected to be followed:
  • Tops: Students must have a sleeve covering the shoulder and garments must fully cover the chest, back, and stomach.Tank tops of any nature are not allowed. 
  • Bottoms: Pants are expected to be worn at the waist. The length of shorts and skirts must be longer than the students outstretched fingertips at the thigh. Additionally, holes in pants are not permitted above the knee. 
  • Hats: To ensure the safety of all students, head gear is not allowed on campus from 7am-3pm. The exception to the rule will be on Fridays where MV beanies and hats will be allowed as part of our spirit days.
What is the Electronic Device Policy?
Cell phones and electronics are allowed to be used on campus before school, during break, during lunch, and after school. Classroom use is based on teacher discretion. Additionally, each student is assigned a Chromebook. Student Chromebook use is not monitored before school, during break, during lunch, or after school. Student Chromebook use is monitored during class time at the teacher's discretion using the GoGuardian monitoring system.

Who do I call if my child needs to miss school?
You must phone the attendance office at (619) 660-3031 on EACH DAY OF YOUR CHILD'S ABSENCE. If they need to leave school early during the school day, THEY MUST CHECK OUT THROUGH THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE PRIOR TO LEAVING. Please bring a signed note to the Attendance Office before the school day to receive an off campus pass.