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K008 Automotive Technology 1/2 
Students will receive consumer level instruction and develop practical skills in the operating systems of the automobile. 
Instruction on the basic service to both foreign and domestic vehicles will also be given. Each student will be given a practical knowledge of the engine systems, as well as “hands-on” working skills, in the safe and trade-like use of automotive hand tools and shop power equipment. 

K013 Automotive Technology 3/4 
K015 Automotive Technology 5/6 
K017 Automotive Technology 7/8 
These courses are advanced level classes offering the student additional lab and instructional time to specialize in an area of vocational training in engine rebuilding, tune-up, emission controls, electronics, and suspensions overhaul. Career training and job preparation are also included in the latter course. 

K540 Manufacturing Technology 1/2 
K542 Manufacturing Technology 3/4 
K544 Manufacturing Technology 5/6 
K546 Manufacturing Technology 7/8 
Manufacturing Technology is a yearlong course. This class will integrate math and technology. Students will be exposed to a variety of manufacturing processes that will include welding, machine tool operations, hand tool use, metal fabrication, safety, and technical math. Students who have successfully completed Algebra I may apply the 
credits earned in manufacturing technology toward completion of the math requirement at the rate of 10 math credits for every 10 units of manufacturing technology completed.
K680 Drafting and Design 1/2 
Drafting is a yearlong course designed to provide students with skills and knowledge in visual communications. Students will learn use and care of drafting and drawing instruments and will use these skills to develop and design landscape plans for a variety of projects and clients. 
CSU/UC Requirements: F 

K700 Technology Discoveries 
The curriculum of this course is designed in such a way that students will be exposed to various technological concepts. Computer technology, word processing, keyboarding, and measurement will be studied. This course meets the technology foundations requirement 
for graduation.