Monte Vista High School Athletic Clearance

Students must go through the Athletic Clearance Procedure EVERY school year; prior years will not be accepted. To be cleared for athletics, all students must:

____ A) Have Medical Insurance Coverage of at Least $1500.00.

Students not covered by personal insurance or who wish to add supplemental coverage to their plan can enroll in the district approved Student Insurance. Student Insurance brochures can be picked up in the Finance Office.

____ B) Have a Valid Physical Exam Form on File. 

Physical Exam Forms must be completed by a licensed physician and are good for one year from the date of the physical. Physical Exam Forms can be downloaded here on the Monte Vista website.

____ C) Fill Out the Online Athletic Clearance. 

Click here to fill out the Online Athletic Clearance for the 2014-2015 school year.

Before beginning the online form, make sure you have the following information readily available. You cannot save information once you start and all required fields (*) must be completed before you can “submit” the form.

Student Name, Address and Student ID#
Parent/Guardian Name and Email (use if an email is not available) 
Name of former High Schools attended 
Medical Insurance Company and Policy Number (type in STUDENT if using Student Insurance) 
Allergy Information,Current Medications you are Taking
Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number 
Current Doctor Name and Phone Number

Once submitted, a Clearance Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address provided in the form. The Clearance Confirmation Email must be printed and signed by the student and parent/guardian, and then turned into the Finance Office to be stamped.

____ D) Purchase an ASB Card. 
ASB Cards are $25 for the year and pay for athletic awards and letters and provide free admission to home sports games and discounted prices on events and merchandise. Students who choose not to purchase an ASB Card may still participate, but will have to pay for their own athletic awards/letters at the season's conclusion.

After completing ALL parts of the checklist, bring the following to either the Finance Clerk, Athletic Director or the Athletic Assistant Principal:  

a) Signed Clearance Confirmation Email
                                          b) Physical Exam Form (if a new athlete or if current physical is expired)
                                         c) Student Insurance Form (if needing insurance coverage)

Students seeking clearance for their second or third sport in the same school year must sign and resubmit the Clearance Confirmation at the start of each new season.