District Wide Broadcast Message

ASSETS Program

Dear Parents / Guardians / Staff / Community Stakeholders:

The Monte Vista ASSETs Program is a partnership with the San Diego County of Education and 21st Century Community Learning Centers that promotes student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. In addition to this mission, our program offers a broad array of programs, services and activities before and after school that reinforce and complement the regular academic day of participating students.

ASSETs is an important place of learning that commits to exciting young people in building skills, discovering new interest and opportunities, and achieving a sense of mastery.  The program regularly seeks input from students, parents and teachers to build programs that speak to our community’s needs here at Monte Vista.

The ASSETs program is:

  • Learning that is Active

  • Learning that is Collaborative

  • Learning that is Meaningful

  • Learning that Supports Mastery

  • Learning that Expands Horizons

Programs run Monday through Friday, both before and after school. View our most up-to-date ASSETS Calendar below. You may also connect to this calendar by adding mvhsassets@guhsd.net to your Google Calendar.

If you have suggestions, recommendations, or if you would like more information about ASSETs, please email us at mvhsassets@guhsd.net. We are always open to your feedback. In fact, the program’s success greatly relies on your input and suggestions.




Thomas Gochenour

Class of  2001

Monte Vista High School

ASSETS Coordinator

(619) 660-3089