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Marietta Minjares, Principal
25 years in education
San Diego State University; B.A and M.A.
(619) 660-3011
 The most important factor in providing a meaningful education for students is helping them discover their interests and passions. I enjoy watching students build connections  and relationships with fellow students and supportive adults who help them build self-confidence and maturity.  Monte Vista Monarchs enjoy your school year and follow your heart, interests and passions.  Doing this will lead you to a happy and fulfilling future.

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Andrea "Rad" Radmilovich, Assistant Principal
23 years in Education
Fresno State / Azusa Pacific
Phone: (619) 660-3021
 I believe we all do the best we can with what we know based on our life experiences. Teaching students with this philosophy and the inspiration of my high school physics teacher, Mr. Eklund, who taught me how to treat every student as a unique, valuable, and interesting person, is why I love my job.

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Bill Sullivan, Assistant Principal
34 years in education
San Diego State University
Phone: (619) 660-3022                                               
 I have always been interested in working with students in different ways. I started with a great interest in coaching basketball, and now I coach students in life. 

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  Jose "Joe" Garcia, Assistant Principal
19 years in education
CSU San Bernadino / San Diego State University
Phone: (619) 660-3165                                            
I believe every student has the ability to achieve greatness if they have the motivation and focus. My job is to steer them on the right path, guide them along the way and celebrate their successes. 

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Phone: (619) 660-3051