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Class of 2017 SENIOR Brag Sheet
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Class of 2017 Senior Brag Sheet

College Application Workshops

12:00-1:00 in the Guidance Center

University of California

October 13, October 26, November 8, November 30

California State University

October 11, October 27, November 10, November 29

Private/Out of State Universities

October 25, November 9

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DEADLINES are approaching!!

All CSU and UC applications are due November 30!

Final registrations for SAT/ACT!

Last test: SAT, Dec. 3, register by Nov. 3

Last test:  ACT, Dec. 10, register by Nov. 4

Many universities (including SDSU) require earlier tests!


College Visits

Please refer to the Daily Bulletin – lots of visits are upcoming!


Parents: We are starting one-on-one meetings with all Seniors. Please contact your student’s counselor to join us.
Senior Keys to Success
Continue to take college required courses including AP classes.
Meet with your counselor for a Senior Check to review your transcript and career plan. 
Take or retake the SAT I (Reasoning) or ACT, and SAT II (Subject) tests. Check on deadlines. 
Write your personal statement/essay for college and scholarship applications. 
Attend college information nights and financial aid workshops.
Send in college applications by the appropriate deadlines. 
Obtain teacher and counselor letters of recommendation in advance. 
Check monthly scholarship bulletin at school and on Monte Vista High School website.